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High-quality Electric Motors in Whitehorse

Need a new motor for your industrial project? Or do you want to replace your old malfunctioning motor? Industrial Electric Services Ltd. carries a selection of electric motors to meet your needs. We have an entire inventory of single and three-phase motors. If your motor is not working optimally or has broken down in Whitehorse, contact us. We also provide maintenance and repairs on all electric motors and controls, including:

Capacitors: We carry a full range of capacitors to fit virtually any of your single-phase motors.

Manual/magnetic motor starters: We carry both manual and magnetic motor starters in varying sizes for all your motor starting and protection application needs.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): A VFD is a motor controller that works through varying frequencies and voltages of the power supply, which allows you to slow down your motor for specific applications while protecting it. We can supply any size and voltage VFD.

Get Your Electric Motors Repaired

Industrial Electric Services Ltd. understands the critical impact of electric motor breakdowns on your operations. Our skilled technicians specialize in quickly repairing electric motors, addressing issues like electric overload or overheating problems. By efficiently fixing electric motors, we help extend their lifespan, saving you the expense of costly replacements. As experts in hard-to-find parts, our sales team and motor technicians excel in locating elusive components. In cases where a part is unavailable, we take proactive measures to avoid future consequences. This includes sourcing replacement motors or custom fabricating the necessary parts. Whether the work is conducted onsite or in our shop, we prioritize what works for you and your equipment. Contact us today for reliable electric motor repair or maintenance services in Whitehorse.

Electric Motor Maintenance

Regarding maintenance and avoiding downtime, Industrial Electric Services Ltd. is your trusted partner with highly experienced workers and teams in Whitehorse. Your maintenance team won't be held responsible for line failures by teaming up with us. We offer comprehensive services, including gearbox oil analysis, laser alignment, vibration analysis, and thermal imaging.

With our in-depth knowledge of your plant and equipment, you can rely on us to conduct business without disrupting yours. Regular maintenance of your electric motors is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Our trained technicians provide expert motor servicing, addressing issues before they escalate, increasing motor durability, enhancing performance, and preventing costly downtime. Contact us today to ensure your electric motors in Whitehorse receive the maintenance they need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Why Choose Us

Our team of professionals at Industrial Electric Services Ltd. is committed to serving our customers with efficient and timely services. We strive to deliver on our promise of high-quality supplies at fair and honest prices. Our experts can advise you on suitable electrical motors and solutions depending on your needs and requirements. Our vast clientele across Whitehorse and the Yukon is a ringing testimony to the quality of our services. Our comprehensive attention to detail and customer-centric approach have helped us emerge as the most trusted suppliers of electric motors across Whitehorse and the Yukon. Call us for a quote.


Looking for an Electric Motors?

At Industrial Electric Services Ltd., we can provide high-performance and heavy-duty electric motors in Whitehorse.

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